Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fast Food Night

I like writing poetry and today while having nothing to do and not liking being idle, I decioded to write this little poem for all of us who like fast food on occassion. I hope you enjoy it.

Fast Food Night

I’m feeling like having some fast food tonight
With calories, cholesterol, and fat.
I know just what you’re thinking my friend,
And I know I shouldn’t do that.
Now here’s what I’d like to explain to you
It’s not good nutrition’s defeat
It’s just now and then I get this urge
For having a bad tasty treat.
What should I choose for this kind of meal?
That’s where the problem does start
The T.V. ads are driving me nuts,
And pulling my taste buds apart.
Wendy’s can start me out just right
With a berry and almond salad
They add some chicken completing the dish
“It’s real, can’t fake it,” their ballad.
Carl’s Junior’s has a turkey burger,
Offers Miss Turkey herself
Parading around in a printed bikini
Of the burger right there on her shelf.
Jack In The Box has a Bourbon Steak
Covered in barbecue sauce
The chef and Jack get locked in the freezer
Is he getting it on with his boss?
Taco Bell, I can smell it from here
It’s their beefy melt burrito.
There’s a guy who says he’s hungry too,
I suggest an Enchirito
Mc Donald thinks I might be thirsty
For a strawberry-lemon drink
While listening to a talking lemon
Is a little weird don’t you think?
I have pondered and thought them all over
And despite all my hunger and looking
Have decided for taste and the sake of my health
To head back home to mom’s cooking.

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