Friday, July 31, 2009

A Tasy Test!

Yesterday I received an email that told about a lot of unusual foods at fairs around the United States. Some of them were: chicken fried bacon, fried avocados, (yum! they were coated in corn dog batter and deep fried) Spaghetti and meatballs on a stick, (Yuk! All mashed together)fried frog legs, hot beef sundae, ( sliced beef covered with mashed potatoes and cheese, topped with a cherry tomato) Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich, ( OMG. chicken patty with cheese between a Krispy Creme donut) pizza cones, (wrapped pizza put into a paper cone container for handling) Key lime on a stick, and deep fried coca cola. This last was not bad. It was a batter, flavored with cola and deep fried. That was just some, and when I read about the frog legs it reminded me of a story my mom had told us kids about something she did as a young woman that made us laugh. I guess my grandmother did not think it funny, but you can judge for yourself. My grandmother had let my mom do the cooking for that evening and they had agreed on having chicken for dinner. Back in those good old days, they just went out to the chicken coop and chose a chicken, wrung its neck, put it in boiling water to strip the feathers off more easily, and did whatever they did to prepare and cook the chicken for dinner. Oh boy! I am so glad we do not do that anymore. We would never have chicken in our house if that was the way I had to do it! Some, I guess did use an axe and chopped the head off, but even that leaves me queasy and gives me loss of appetite. Well, any way, instead of chicken, my mom caught a few large frogs. For the life of me, and after consulting with my ninety one year old sister, we could not remember how she was able to get the frogs. We believe there was some kind of water or swamp near their house. Well, anyway, this story is true and on we go! Now my grand mother did not mind the torture given the chickens, or mind eating them, but she had a weak stomach where frogs were concerned, so mom did not tell grandma that instead of chicken for dinner, it would be frog legs. I am told frog legs taste just like chicken. I will never know!! At dinner my grandmother said the chicken was delicious tonight, but she said, "How many chicken did you kill? There are so many legs." About then it dawned on her what had happened, and she flew from the table to wherever they went in those days to upchuck the whole jumping mess! There were no bathrooms, just outhouses, so I assume she just retreated to outdoors. Poor grandma. I feel for her and know exactly how she felt, and my mom deserved the punishment, whatever it was. I do remember my mother saying grandma was very upset with her and checked dinner out from then on. I am also checking out our fair food before I go. I don't think we have anything too unusual at our fair this year. The local paper gave an accounting of what booths there were and the only new thing I could see was deep fried zucchini sticks. I might try them when I go. Bon Appetit!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Fair Affair!

It's fair time and the Sonoma County Fair has opened in our town of Santa Rosa, California. I have not been yet, but I heard its theme is "The Fair Before Time." That means there are lots of prehistoric things to see and lots of dinosaurs. The fair is a time for fun, rides, yummy food, flower show, racing, rodeos, destruction derby and a lot more than I can name. Lots of fun activities for the kids, and lots of entertainment with big names. I like to go for two things. That is the flower show and the horse racing. I used to enter craft things and the poetry contest, but do not anymore as the standing in line to enter is too much for me. I have won a few ribbons and I treasure them, but I just cannot do it anymore. Back many years ago, there was a lady who was in charge, and ran the big flower show in the back of the building, where garden clubs had their spaces. The front of the building was for florists and nurseries from all over the county. Well, one year when my young son had a job working in the flower building, and before the fair opened that year, he approached the lady in charge, (Mrs. Fletcher) and asked her why there were no spaces allotted to young people who were interested in flowers. She asked him if he was interested, and if she provided such a space, would he be willing and able to do it. Of course he was ecstatic and said absolutely. She told him she would have to run it by the fair manager (Mr. James Lyttle) first before she could let him have a space. Oh my gosh, it happened, and there he was, my young son, the very first junior to have an entry in the Sonoma County Fairs Hall Of Flowers! They even gave him a ribbon for his entry. How proud he was. The following year, Mrs Fletcher found two others who were interested. Then there were three. The next year as word had gotten around, there were more until today, the spaces allotted, are all filled up. It is a joy and pleasing to the eye to go to the fair and see all the gardens of the young people and to know it all started with my son. It is called the junior division. Have you been to a fair lately? It is a lot of fun! Tomorrow I will talk about fair food and a funny story of the past. See you then! ( The above picture was taken of a display in the hall of flowers a couple of years ago)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Honest To Goodness!

Once in a great while when I come home from grocery shopping, There will be something I bought and paid for, but did not get home with. I am telling you that for sure I tell them about it on my next trip and want it to show up in my grocery bag this time without charge. So, last Saturday when I went shopping there were two ladies in line ahead of me. They had not one, but two baskets loaded with groceries and several cases of drinks. They were pleasant ladies and smiled and acknowledged me. I am sure their bill must have been $300.00 or at least near that. My turn came and I visited with the nice guy at the check out stand, gave him my coupons and my Safeway card(which cuts down the price considerably) and said, "No thanks" to the "Do you want help out?" question. When I got home, I sat for a minute, (that's because grocery shopping poops me at my age) then proceeded to put my things away. Out of one shopping bag came one of those green net bags with about 6 or 7 ( I did not count) avocados in it. Wow! Do I love avocados! But hey! I did not buy avocados. Did I mention I love avocados? Oh, yes, I did. Well that is a nice surprise and gift to me. I am sure I could manage to eat all of them over a period of time without them going bad. Then I said to myself, "Do you remember how upset you get when you get home and something is missing? Do you really think these are now yours? Can you eat them with a good conscience? Prices in the store go up because of dishonesty and theft, so if you keep them, you are contributing. O.K! I will take them back, and I did. The guy at the customer service counter was flabbergasted and praised me for being so honest. He did not have to do that, but I guess his surprise made him say it. He was almost sure the owners of the avocados had come back to reclaim them and was given another bag. Well, maybe they had and maybe they had not, but one thing I know for sure is that I felt like a helium balloon floating on air. I had forgotten what a great feeling it is to be honest! Now I love avocados, but even better I like the feeling being honest gives you. It is hard to explain and this is really a small act of honesty, but it still feels good. Can you imagine how I would have felt if it had been a bigger deal. Love that feeling! Try it, you will love it!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I feel like I must write about her. Perhaps if I do it will ease some of the pain I feel. I know it will not help my son, and I so wish I could help him. She belonged to him and she was so in love with him it was a joy to see. Oh, she loved me too, but it was more of a tolerated love because I was her caretaker so very many times when her guy had to make a trip for a few days. The first day or two she did not want to share herself with me, because she just knew he would be coming back through the door any minute and she stood faithfully there waiting for it to happen. When it did not, she then knew it was time to accept my lap and wait patiently for his return. I was the one feeding her now and taking her outside so she accepted the fact he was gone for a while. At bedtime she cuddled up on her pillow and lay quietly by my side. During the next few days she was fine, but would go occasionally to take a sniff at the door. When he did return it was a joyous reunion. It was bouncing and face licking all over the place. It was crouching down and jumping. It was whining to say, "I knew you would come back!" She was five years old when he got her and he had her for thirteen and a half years. What a smart little girl she was. We know she understood every word we said and reacted accordingly. I have to laugh when I look back and remember some of the things she did. When my husband was alive, he sat quite often is his recliner chair. We would put her in his lap when we were running errands and say to her, "You stay with grandpa now!" It got so when we left we would just say to her, "Go see grandpa." Well that little girl was just so upset. She knew we were leaving and she had to wait for us to return. Her head would go down and she walked slowly over to grandpa's chair, turn to look at us, then hop up on his lap and put her head down so she would not look at us. I know the things she did were not much different than anyone elses dog, but don't we all feel that our dog is the smartest? Little Missy was a toy poodle and everywhere we went she attracted attention. Everyone wanted to pet Missy. Her groomers loved her because she was so good and behaved so well. Her veterinarian called her sweet names and hugged her when she had to go in. Yesterday my son had to make a choice of whether to put her to sleep or keep her for a while, just so he could have her for a while longer. He unselfishly chose to let her go. She was blind, deaf, had heart and kidney problems, and had doggy Alzheimer's. She did not know where she was and got lost inside the house. She bumped into walls and stood still just facing furniture and not moving. When she did move she roamed aimlessly throughout the house and would either bump into things or get stuck where she could not get out. Most of the time she slept and slept. We had to pick her up and show her where her food and water were. She would go outside to potty and start to scratch herself and would fall down. A couple of times before we could get to her to grab her she fell off the steps. All this frightened her as we could feel her little heart beating so very fast. Our Missy is gone now, but she still remains with us and will for a while. She will always be in our hearts. If you have ever owned and loved a dog, then you know how we feel. Dogs give you unconditional love and they are forgiving and loyal. They make you feel like you are someone special and if you love your pet, then you will treat it special also. It will return your love a thousand fold!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Going Sailing

Susan’s going sailing
A sailing on the sea
I am going to miss her
And her emails sent to me.
Everyday she sends one
It starts my day off right,
I even get one sometimes
Before bedding down at night.
Oh I have other email friends,
Who always keep in touch
But Susan gives a daily fix
Which I really need so much.
We tell each other secrets
And I ask her for advice
She always answers truthfully
Because she is so nice.
Sometimes she asks me also,
Just what I might think
I tell her very honestly
From truth I do not shrink.
Although I’ll miss her emails
And the closeness that we share
I know that she’s my friend
And always will be there.
Oh Susan’s going sailing
On the great big ocean blue
Smooth sailing I do wish her
And bid a fond adieu.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just My Opinion Again!

I told this young lady, who is encouraging me to write, that I would like to write about progress. I was hesitant though as I did not want younger people to believe I was out of touch and that my ideas were ancient. She, however, thought I should pen them anyway as she did not believe that some things should ever go out of style. For one thing, how can we as sensible people, disregard propriety, decency, and humility? How can one believe that by openly exposing your body that this is going to make you more popular, look sexy, and somehow make you a better person. What happened to modesty? Why are parents not putting down rules like my parents did? Are you afraid of losing your child's love by teaching them respect of themselves? Do you really accept this? Don't you mind that when they bend over, or stoop down that the crack of their buttocks is exposed? Boys whistle, others giggle, some cringe, and this does not bother anybody? I think the human body is beautiful, but I also think it is personal. You should respect your self and treat yourself with dignity instead of being a conversation piece. A part of my young friends email was especially poignant, and I am going to put it into this blog for it is so good. She wrote: "Some call it progression...I call it regression!" I don't know where this world is headed but I do not like the direction it has taken. Our rights being taken away left and right and the young folks not caring. Education has been so bad in the USA...perhaps they don't even realize what we as a nation are losing. Heck, children of today don't know what it is like to run through fields, climb apple trees or play in the hills. I don't even see the young kids playing hop-scotch, jacks, tag or hide and seek these days, or roller skating up and down the sidewalk. Everyone seems to be connected to something electronic these days. Kids have no imagination anymore. When was the last time you saw a kid with a Yo-Yo?" What she wrote was so true. I could not say it better. Television, electronic games, and cell phones have taken over our young peoples lives. They do not really know the fun of living as a youth. Playing "kick the can" is just one of the joys of playing outside with friends, not sitting on their back side punching a machine or having one implanted in their ear. You might want to buy stock in the hearing aid companies as it will be big business when these kids are old and the machines fall out of their ears because they are deaf! No one works in the fruit anymore, or sets up a lemonade stand, or mows a lawn, or washes the neighbor's car for a few bucks. She is right, imagination has flown out the window. Here is another thing. The big wigs behind the television industry have told us what we like to watch. Gone are the family programs and the Laugh-ins" that were so fun to watch as a family. Now we see crime and more crime. Killings are not enough! We have to watch so much sex that it boggles the mind. I know you people out there don't like what you are hearing and seeing also as I read comments all the time in the paper and magazines. Yet no one takes the initiative to turn off their sets for a day or two in protest, or write the stations, and so on it goes. They are pulling in big money at your expense. If a petition was put out there or a protest march started they would get the idea. I read somewhere where these actors making these film would not let their children watch them, yet they act in them because it means money in their pockets. All the bad things in the world no matter how you hate them are going to remain because someone is getting rich because of it. Call me whatever you want, BUT if you think about it long enough, you might just see the light and agree!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Chocolate and Vanilla

I was asked why I have not written a blog lately and I told the person asking that I did not think anyone would want to hear something from and old lady. She showered me with compliments, (which I fell for) so here I am back again. I have been wondering about a lot of things lately (that is what you do when you get to be this age) and asked myself some questions, but could not answer any. I am sure you have heard the one about stores putting their pharmacies clear to the back of the store which makes all the sick people have to take the long walk back there to get their prescription filled so they can feel better. Maybe someone in their infinite intelligence has thought the walk would do them good. I see a lot of people, young AND old with canes and walkers hiking back there to get what they desperately need. Whose idea was this anyway? Then, I also observed when entering a department store’s front entrance, all the cute and attractive clothes are up front for the little people of the world. Actually, I am talking about the anorexic, skinny as beanpole people. I know! Don’t go off on me! Not all small size people are anorexic or bean poles, but according to what I see on the television set more are than not. Why do the producers of these shows think we enjoy seeing emaciated people? I was skinny (yes that is the word) all my growing up years and into adulthood, but no one thought I looked good. I was made fun of and called names. I was once asked if I could sing because I had canary legs. Oh yes! Skinny was definitely not in. In high school I had to take “rest” because the gym teacher thought I was too thin. That went on until my dad intervened and got me back on the basketball court where I belonged! Well, I got off track there for a minute! Back to the department store. Where are the plus sizes? To the rear of the store! Are they cute and attractive? NO! Some even look like they need ironing. Not all plus sizes are fat either, but some are older and walking clear to the back of a store can be difficult. I guess if I was able to pay top dollar, I could go to a store that was more fashionable and considerate, but I am a K Mart, Wal Mart, J.C. Penney type of women so I will have to make the trek on back to where we won’t be noticed! If you think I am through venting, you are wrong. I will be back with more gripes, maybe tomorrow. It is all right with me if you disagree and have a comment, but don’t get mad. This is all good therapy to get things off your chest and as you young people say, “vent” You know the old saying when there is a difference of opinion, don’t you? It goes “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! That is why there is chocolate and vanilla!”