Friday, August 20, 2010

The Saga Of Toilet Paper

The Saga Of Toilet Paper
Scientist have done some remarkable things
Discoveries, inventions and such
But when it comes to toilet paper
They haven’t done very much.
The progress they’ve made through all these years
Is enough to boggle the mind
But certainly they have failed the test
To take care of the human behind.
Oh I have tried them all you see.
The soft, the strong, and three ply .
All the ones I see on T.V
Mama bear and her cute little guy!
Scientists put a man on the moon.
I‘m sure you know this is true.
But have you found any toilet paper
Where your finger doesn’t come through?
Stand up and protest, it’s time that we do,
Or why not start a petition?
It’s time those inventors took pity on us
To alter the way we position.

Blanche Yerves

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